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What is Window Mixed Reality? What are its features?

Mixed Reality is the latest generation of virtual reality system. It basically merges real world to virtual or vice-versa to produce realistic virtual environment and visual effects. It is a variant to  Augmented Reality but the idea is very different, the idea is that a user can see real world like an AR with a virtual world like in VR and we can treat the virtual world like a real world. This new idea is also its key characteristic which makes it very different and unique from other technologies.


Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft Mixed Reality (formerly was Microsoft  Holographic). This platform is developed by Microsoft. It was announced on January 21, 2015, and was released on March 30,2016 simultaneously with the launch of Microsoft Hololens which is a premier device of mixed reality introduced for Android, iOS, and macOS.

Features Of Windows Mixed Reality

1). These headsets are somewhere similar to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive but Windows Mixed Reality has upper hand on them because it has inbuilt sensors and cameras to track the motion controllers.

2). This whole system of  Windows Mixed Reality takes at most 10 minutes to setup and don’t need any external set-up and we can take its experience anywhere at any time.

3).It also offers movement tracking without any external sensors.

Requirements To Have The Experience Of Windows Mixed Reality

1)It will require a computer with Windows Operating System

2).Headsets- there are currently 5 variants of headsets which supports windows mixed reality

3)Windows mixed reality also requires motion controller which is the basic need of every  VR system.

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