Wizards Unite December Community Day Details revealed

Wizard Unite, a game made out of a popular franchise has completed five months. The game was released on June 2019. The game is available on the mobile platform and can be downloaded from Google Play Store & iOS store.

Well, today Niantic has revealed the details regarding the upcoming community day. Wizards Unite December Community Day has been scheduled to take place on December 14. Mentioned below are the complete details regarding Wizards Unite Community Day.

Wizards Unite December Community Day Details!

Community Day is happening this month on December 14th from 11am-2 pm local time and it features the following :

* Increasing how often Encounters from Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid Hut Registry Page, including Hagrid, Baby Norwegian Ridgeback, and Buckbeak.
* 50% reduced distance on all Portmanteaus
* Special Community Day Portmanteaus! Blue Portmanteaus will reward Abraxan Winged Horse and the White Portmanteaus will reward the Hagrid’s Hut Foundable.
* Spell Energy on the Map
* Tonic for Trace Detection will have a higher chance of showing Hagrid, Baby Norwegian Ridgeback, and Buckbeak
* Baruffio’s Brain Elixir will give out 3x Wizard XP
* Special Assignments for Community Day that reward Wizard XP, Spellbooks, and Coins

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