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New ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Footage Unveils Huge Riot

Filming for DC’s most anticipated movie Wonder Woman 2 is currently underway in the US’s capital. After a glimpse of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine chilling in fanny packs while roaming on the streets of Washington DC, now it looks like the riots are about to begin. As one of the fans took on Twitter to share the Wonder Woman 1984 footage of the ongoing production, and it appears to be a riot. We know that Wonder Woman 2 will be set in an 80s era and production design undoubtedly confirms that. In the Wonder Woman 1984 footage we old-fashioned vehicles with lots of extras playing the role of protestors, first responders and in between them Diana and Steve trying to escape from all of this safely. The camera follows both of these characters as they try to find the way out of this riot.

Though, it is not clear why the riot is happening and what is the exact story behind it. The only thing we can figure out from this Wonder Woman 1984 footage is that Steve Trevor gets shot and Wonder Woman is trying to take him to the safety. The camera shot long takes one where we see both the lead characters navigating through the rubble with riot taking place in the background. However, not much can be made from this footage regarding the story of Wonder Woman 1984. Is there a particular mastermind like Ares behind a riot like this or some other god-like figure? The film’s plotline is being kept under the wraps, and we will have to wait for sometime to get the gist of it.

Wonder Woman 1984 footage

The chances of any deity being involved in the riots are meek as Patty Jenkins will not go down again the same path as Wonder Woman. Both Jenkins and Gal Gadot both have taken the internet by storm by steadily revealing the photos and information since the production kicked in.

Yesterday, Gal Gadot revealed the Wonder Woman in her costume for the upcoming movie and was able to make us fall in love with her once again. Before that director, Patty Jenkins has laid rest to the rumours of Chris Pine returning in Wonder Woman 2 by sharing Steve Trevor’s first look in the 80s get up. There are still doubts in the minds of fan regarding the return of Steve and how he escaped safely from the explosion.

In amidst of getting the glimpse of major characters from the movie we are still waiting to get the first look of Wonder Woman 1984’s villain Cheetah. The role of Cheetah is portrayed by Kristen Wiig and it looks like soon we will get to see her in all her glory. Wonder Woman 1984 will hit the theatres next year on November 1, 2019.

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