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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Here’s How Will Steve Trevor Return

While the production has begun for the Wonder Woman 1984(Wonder Woman 2), fans got to see new photos leaked from the sets time and time again, while they may hint to some spoilers, but without official confirmation, they are nothing more than rumours(How Will Steve Trevor Return).

One such photo got viral around the internet of Chris Pine returning as Steve Trevor and fans were delighted to see Trevor returning. Patty Jenkins recently confirmed the news by posting a photo of Trevor standing in a mall wearing a black jacket, black pants, Nike sneakers and a digital watch. Jenkins uploaded the picture with the caption – ‘Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!’

Wonder Woman 1984 Here's How Will Steve Trevor Return

Wonder Woman 1984 How Will Steve Trevor Return?

While fans already speculated that Trevor would return in the sequel as he gave his life to save the world and was the love of the main lead Wonder Woman as well, the question remains as to how will Steve Trevor return?

In the comics, Trevor has died quite a few times, the first time being killed by Doctor Cyber with again Trevor returning after eight years with a new look and a new name, but he was again killed as it turned out that he was God Eros. Again returning a few times from other worlds, Trevor does come back in many different ways. But it’s worth noting that in Wonder Woman #322 goddess Aphrodite took a replacement of Trevor and gave him the memories of Trevor and the publication date for this issue being 1984. It’s highly likely to me that Trevor returns with the help of Goddess Aphrodite.

Wonder Woman 1984 Here's How Will Steve Trevor Return

With all those possibilities from the comics, we can even see Trevor returning through time travel but the film-makers may have to explain a bit about how that happened. Also, maybe it’s not at all Steve Trevor who fought alongside Diana. Maybe, he’s his grandson which may also be the case. It may also be the case that it isn’t Steve Trevor or someone from his hierarchy, he may be someone else to torment Diana through her emotions making her weak in the film.

But whatever be the case, we have seen wonder woman mourning for him in the previous movies, Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice and the Justice League as well. So, while the fans may not get too eccentric about the return of Steve Trevor. We may as well see him impacting Wonder Woman and events to come.

Wonder Woman 1984 Here's How Will Steve Trevor Return

With the Wonder Woman 1984 hitting the screens in November 2019, we’ll see how Trevor returns and how things change with his return.

What do you think about Trevor’s return and what’s your theory of him returning? Do let us know in the comment section below that ‘How Will Steve Trevor Return?’

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