In general, WWE video games have been played similarly. This is not a bad thing if you are a fan of the engine on which the game is based. You will not be looking up for a change in the game style. After playing WWE 2K19, there are many bad things and good things about it. Moreover, if the question arises, is WWE 2K19 better than WWE 2K18? I would say yes in many terms but it could have been much better. Also, it will be wrong to judge the game just on the basis of the gameplay. We should also take in consideration the change in the WWE 2K19 Features as compared to those of 2K18. This is because WWE 2K19 gameplay is similar to the games that we have seen in past five or so years. So, here I present you the WWE 2K19 Review. It will include some good points and some bad points about WWE 2K19. It will be ending with various details about buying or the release date of the game.

WWE 2K19 Review!

Let’s start the WWE 2K19 Review with some good points:

WWE 2K19 Good Points:

1. Addition of New Fighting Modes

WWE 2K19 New Match Types Photo

In WWE 2k18, many users complained about the unavailability of various modes. It includes TLC Tag, TLC Triple Tag, Ladder Tag, Ladder Triple Tag and many more. This thing has been improved in the WWE 2K19. They have added way more fighting modes like these even in 6-Man and 8-Man, which is a great development to see. Now, you can play TLC 4v4 Tornado Tag too.

2. The New Striking is an Improvement

WWE 2K19 Striking Photo

One of the structural changes to the gameplay is the change in striking. It feels sharper and more accurate and balanced. The interrupted punches don’t look rickety like before. Since the first strike in a match gives an advantage, hence it is good to see a little more rhyme and reason. Though it doesn’t contain the perfect physics and functionality, it has undergone quite an improvement.

3. Paybacks and Overcharges are a Nice Addition

WWE 2K19 Paybacks and Overchargers Photo

There is no significant change in the WWE 2k19 gameplay. But some in-game perks were added in the game. Paybacks are the in-game boosts like stamina, grappling effectiveness and striking. There are two levels in this. Moreover, paybacks are illegal, so it includes disqualification. Brass knuckles and other foreign objects are a part of the mix.

Before every match, you get to choose the Paybacks you want in a battle for a specific player. Many of the Paybacks look great when used during a battle, like the Poison Mist. Overcharges take the Level 2 Paybacks up a notch. If you obtain a Level 2 Payback and upgrade it, the boost becomes an Overcharge. There are three of them:

  • Beast Mode: Increased grappling speed and damage. A golden glow highlights your arms when activated.
  • Charged Fury: A supercharged, devastating punch. You fist radiates with power when fully charged.
  • Electrifying: As you hold this taunt uninterrupted, your Momentum grows at a much faster rate. Electricity flows through your body.

4. Better Creation Suite

WWE 2K19 Creation Suite Photo

The best part of the WWE video games is the WWE 2K creation suite. It has been great for years and now it is even better. In this creation suite, you can even change the side plates of a championship belt. You can also customize the Money in the Bank briefcase and you can even use a wizard to speed up the creation of your MyPlayer.

There are new functions in Create-An-Arena with some new filters and lighting that will aid you when trying to generate a unique look for custom shows.

The best feature that I found interesting is the Randomizer. When using this option, you can generate a brand new character with the push of a button. The system will create a full character with an attire for a ready-to-go match unless you want to further customize the superstar. Another feature is the randomization of any piece of the superstar’s attire. It’s the single-best character creation feature I can remember using in a sports game.

The Thanos’ Fingersnap Effect

WWE 2K19 Fingersnap Effect Photo

In the screen before which appears while choosing the match type, they have added a cool effect on the look of a superstar. They have made the superstars look like being converted into dust by Thanos’ finger snap. This looks dope.

These were the WWE 2K19 good points. Now let’s come to the WWE 2K19 bad points. Here is the WWE 2K19 Review regarding the same. There we go:

WWE 2K19 Bad Points:

1. Weird Hair Physics

WWE 2K19 Weird Hair Photo

Long hair in WWE 2K19 is quite weird. There is weird physics behind them and it looks more like shreds of construction paper rather than real hair.

2. The Combat System in Hell In a Cell

WWE 2K19 Hell In a Cell Photo

It was speculated that the Hell in a Cell match will be improved in 2K19 but it is worse than before. The area around the ring inside the cage is claustrophobic. The moves are so limited in the outside area that it is not even fun to carry the fight outside. Moreover, the removal of weapons in Hell in a Cell is just not fair. It was the main source to have fun in the ring and now it is not available. Also, it is difficult to interact with cage walls and climbing to the top needs completely unnecessary commands.

Playing Hell in a Cell was my worst experience with the game overall. I felt disappointed, to be honest.

3. No Female MyCareer

WWE 2K19 Female Career Mode Photo

There was one thing that shocked me in a negative way. It was the absence of MyCareer mode for female superstars. I thought this would be the year for it. Ronda Rousey is a pre-order bonus and there are even rumours of a WWE show that is exclusively for the ladies.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I understand the work that it would have taken to add a female MyCareer story on par with the one in this year’s game. However, it’s hard to ignore the void left without the option to create a female character that you can upgrade and customize as and in whatever way you want.

4. No Story Writing in Universe

WWE 2K19 Universe Photo

The universe mode is one of my favourite modes. It hasn’t changed much over the years. Although there have been some incredible improvements in WWE 2K19 Features. It includes the customization of the MITB briefcase. The layer that would have been the most impacting on this year’s game is the re-introduction of a create-a-story feature.

I can only imagine the complexities that make the manifestation of this concept much easier mentioned than produced, but because this is a professional wrestling game with a massive budget, it’s natural to think that this kind of feature is feasible out of many other expected WWE 2K19 features.

Alas, it didn’t happen this year.

Other Information:

  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Platforms: PS4 (version reviewed), Xbox One, and PC
  • Release Date: October 9, 2018, but early access began on October 5
  • Price: $59.99 for Standard Edition and $89.99 for Deluxe Edition and $129.99 for the Wooo! Edition