WWE News: Why Enzo Amore Was Released From WWE

Former WWE Superstar and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore, who was accused of the charge of sexual assault was found not guilty during the investigation and he is released from all accusations. This case also became the reason for his release from the WWE.

WWE Superstar Enzo Amore’s Career

Enzo Amore came up from NXT to the main roster with Big Cass as a tag team unit. After a long time, Big Cass deceived him and their feud went for a long time until injury of Big Cass.

Before his case and released from the company he was active as single competitor under the Cruiserweight Division, where he became the Cruiserweight Champion for a certain period. After founding guilty he was released from WWE and his title was also vacated.

Enzo Amore

If you think that the allegations were the only reason for his release, then read below the statement given by Johnson on PW Insider Elite Audio. According to him, Amore had amassed quite an amount of heat from the locker room already and things were already looking bleak on him:

“Enzo was not released just for the allegations. It was described to me by several people who worked for the company and work for the company that it was more of a last straw situation. There had been times he had rubbed the members of the locker room the wrong way.”

Enzo Amore Current Status

As of now, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been released of the allegations due to the lack of evidence and has set sail on a hip-hop journey, releasing a video making fun of the accuser as well as the pro wrestling fans.

Do you think he’ll be back in WWE or does he deserve to be back?

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