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WWE2K18 review in details !! Should you buy WWE2K18 ?


The latest edition of wrestling game by WWE and 2k games was released on 17 October 2017 and now available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will release on Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018.

This game is made by a new graphics engine which gives this game more realistic graphics and wrestling look more better. It has the roster of 220 players including all current wrestlers from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 live and also includes various wrestling legends and hall of famers from WCW, ECW and WWE and some are available in DLC’s.

(WWE2k17 vs WWE2k18 Graphics)WWE2K18

Game Modes

This game has Play, Universe, My Player, Creation and Online modes.

In Play mode, you can play quick matches like handicap matches, one on one matches, tag team matches, 6 man matches, Royal Rumble and much more like in WWE2k17

Universe mode is same as WWE2k17.

In My Player mode, it is creating a player and then starts with training in WWE performance center and rising up through ranks in WWE by winning and getting the promotion to NXT to the main roster and then in the main event of Wrestlemania.This time it doesn’t have female creation and female career mode which is a major setback. My Player mode also has the online component called Road To Glory. It is an online competitive mode in which players from all over the world battles each other daily and gain various boosts and XP to upgrade player level and to enter PPVs matches.

In online mode, you can play normal online quick matches.

Features and Changes

Unlike previous games this game has some changes in gameplay .Here they are:

1). Ability to lift and carry an Opponent in different positions of Cradle, Powerbomb, Fireman, and On-The-Shoulder and can walks freely while holding them before the slam.

2). Custom matches- we can create our own custom match.

3). Now up to 8 players can play in Royal Rumble, Battle Royal, and Ladder Match and Tag-Team match.

4). A very interesting change is made in Royal Rumble and Battle Royal match is that players with high rating can directly eliminate opponents by tossing them from a ring or by punching while an opponent is hanging on ropes by hands.These actions are easy to eliminate players without no button pressing.

5). Smackdown’s elimination chamber is also added in this game.

6). Real life reactions and emotions are also in-game.

7). A whole new commentary team of Micheal Cole, Bryan Saxton, and Corey Graves is added in the game.

8). Area for Backstage brawl is also expanded.


The game has different features from previous games but it did not address the various glitches in past games and have various issues and struggling with glitches, lags and sound issues in My career mode. Sometimes superstars get trapped inside objects, the referee does not count the ring sometimes in 8 man tag team match, in Royal Rumble eliminated player still stands in the ring, players get teleports around the arena, commentary bugs and much more.

WWE2k18 is the best game in 2k series with best-ever core wrestling gameplay and better graphics but also have various technical issues and dull My career RPG mode. I hope that along with beautiful and core wrestling strengthening features, all issues and glitches will improve or remove in WWE2k19 until then enjoy WWE2k18.


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