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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Images Shows Xavier & Magneto In Tough Spot

New Images from X-Men: Dark Phoenix Shows Dark & Light!!

A lot has happened in the world of comic book movies this month, as we all witnessed the major acquisition of Fox studios by Disney. The acquisition somewhat ascertains that we can expect a crossover between X-Men and Avengers shortly. However, before that happens, Avengers Infinity War and X-Men: Dark Phoenix are lined up for release in 2018.

In December only we got ourselves the amazing trailer for Avengers Infinity war, but Fox studios surprised us all by unveiling the first look of Sophie Turner as Dark Phoenix. The exclusive photos from X Men- Dark Phoenix also gave us the glimpse of Jessica Chastain as the unnamed villainess, plays a pivotal role in how everything plays out.  

As per the earlier released synopsis, we know that the X-Men will face much bigger trouble this time after overcoming the Apocalypse in the previous outing. The plot will focus on X-Men going on their first ever outer-space mission when a solar flare hits the X-Jet which ultimately leads to conversion of Jean Grey into Dark Phoenix.

Now we have got our hands on some fantastic images from the movie which will throw light on the plot. Let’s check out these new batch of pictures released in Empire magazine.

Michael Fasbender as Magneto

Magneto has been through shit from the very beginning, and it seems like this time also he will have a rough time. With a collar around his neck which we assume dampens his power and lying on the floor fainted, it looks like someone more powerful has kicked his ass. Could it be Chastain as villainess or Jean Grey?

James McAvoy as Professor Xavier

And here we can see Chastain somewhat overpowering Xavier as he looks weak and out of his wheelchair. In this image only, we can observe so much evil in the eyes of Chastain. It will be a thrill to see how beautifully she brings the evil alien character to life.

Jean Grey & Cyclops

Everything will not be dark & intense in this movie, as we will witness the budding love between Jean Grey & Cyclops. The romance will add some light moments to the screen, but the question that arises from this image is that what will happen to love when Jean Grey transforms to Dark Phoenix?

There are many questions like these circling in our mind, which will only come to rest next year on 2nd November 2018 when the movie hits theaters.

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