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X-Men Dark Phoenix reshoot reveals X-Men Dark Phoenix Cast

X-Men Dark Phoenix reshoot photos are out which held in Montreal, Canada. The pictures show the X-Men Dark Phoenix Cast like Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner fighting with the anonymous villain played by Jessica Chastain. X-Men Dark Phoenix Release date was initially in November, but due to reshoots, Fox pushed it back to February 14, 2019. It was quite difficult to run or schedule the reshoots as the movie involves many A-list actors like Sophie Turner, who had past commitments related to the Game of Thrones Season 8. They have already started the reshoots in Montreal, Canada, which are expected to finish in two and a half weeks.

Universo X-Men has tweeted some photos from the sets of X-Men Dark Phoenix reshoots which include X-Men Dark Phoenix Cast like Jean Grey(Sophie Turner) going head-on with the mysterious villain(Jessica Chastain). Tye Sheridan’s stunt double is also present on the set, concluding Cyclops is a part of the scene as well. The most interesting thing to notice in the photo is the upper hand that Jessica’s villain is having on Sophies’s Jean Grey.

There have been reports which suggest that the reshoots are done for the movie’s third act, in which the titular hero – Jean Grey, the Phoenix, go head on or confront the villain. That fits with the Sophie Turner’s attire in the shoot photos which implies that CGI will be used on her to show the body with Phoenix fire around. If that is the case, then it is impressive to see the villain going toe to toe with the Phoenix at her max. The villain is still unidentified, but even in the comics, there is no such villain, who has got a chokehold on a Phoenix host.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Sophie Turner

Another interesting thing to notice that Chastain is also wearing the full mo-cap suit(for CGI effects). This may suggest the character’s powerset. There have been rumours that Chastain will be playing a shapeshifting Skrull who has disguised herself to get close to Jean, before revealing her true alien form. It could also mean that her body is caught in Phoenix flames as well.

The most exciting part of such photos is that they are deprived of context, meaning one can make various assumptions related to that, but too many of them can be hazardous. One thing that makes sense is the presence of Cyclops with Jean during their confrontation with the mysterious villain. The emotional link between Scott and Jean is expected to be the centrepiece of the story, with Sheridan describing it as “more of a drama versus a superhero film”. As the comic suggests, Jean and Cyclops are like a package for the villain to deal. If any villain targets one of them, then they’ve to confont both of them together. It’s likely that Chastain’s mysterious villain will surely learn this lesson at the end.

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