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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Gets Positive Reactions

As you guys hold your horses to see the latest X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer which was shown to some lucky fans just yesterday, we bring you some of the first reactions by the fans who got to see it.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Reaction

Fox held a screening of the trailer on 12th June in a panel at CineEurope, and the attendees got first to look on the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix. With the delays around the movies to come in this franchise, fans have been waiting to see what’s in the box for X-Men. As the X-Men Apocalypse didn’t go too well with the fans or the critics, the X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer proved that it hadn’t swayed too much from impressive. Also, the reactions proved all the controversies wrong which were floating around the movie. The first reactions were ‘better than expected’ ones, and the compliments came overflowing again and again. After fox confirmed the delays due to structural changes in the films, it seems that it has paid off well.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Gets Positive Reaction

As the fans keep their finger’s crossed to see Jean Grey’s Arc develop, Dark Phoenix lives up to its name, and we see fans reacting to the film as a ‘Darker’ version than the Apocalypse. The film was also said to be in tone with ‘First Class’ and looks like a great ‘Action-Thriller’ from its trailer. While the Apocalypse was set in 80’s, Dark Phoenix is more of a dramatic film and a serious one about the internal struggle between Jean and Phoenix. With humour thrown as bits here and there, the film is a quite a change for the fans. And by the reaction of the fans they’ve seemed to love the change, so we can say that the studio’s structural changes paid off pretty well.

While Jean’s character is yet to receive a full justice, the fans are expecting much more significant role and development of her character. Her mutant abilities which were a vague set of superpowers in the previous movies may get a regular set and structure in the film.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Gets Positive ReactionWhile Deadpool 2 running successfully in theatres, X-Men Dark Phoenix is set to release in February 2019 with Gambit releasing in June and New Mutants in August in 2019.

What are you expecting from the movie? What all do you want to see from the Jean Grey’s Arc as it unfolds? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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