Xbox is what lies ahead when you talk about shooter games and irrelevant titles.Ps4 is ahead of the war between these consoles by a huge margin(Sales).

Xbox is in trouble actually which is no shock as it seems to be lacking behind in so many ways. No big exclusives, not-so-edgy game titles and I can go on but Microsoft is actually trying to fix this by acquisition. Yes, you read it right, Microsoft could buy Valve, the company behind “Steam“.Also, Microsoft eyeballing towards PUBG corp. and EA.

Now, PUBG corp is behind the game which is the best game around the world Players Unknown Battleground and EA, we all know EA, don’t we, a multi-platform publisher.Now it’s going to be a hell of negotiation to see because EA won’t be doing anything like this. Obviously, EA won’t be limiting its players and their revenue example FIFA is brought to you by EA as they have a partnership with FIFA international.

It is going to be exciting to see what lies ahead as Sony is actually ways ahead.

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