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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now available on Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards, the loyalty program of Mircosoft to give rewards in exchange of rewards point earn by engaging in Microsoft services.

You can earn Microsoft rewards point just by surfing on the personal search engine of the Microsoft, Bing. Doing shopping from the store will also add 1 reward point per dollar in your wallet. Feeling bored, then you can rack up more points just by playing fun challenges on the Microsoft store.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

With some number of the reward points, you can access the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Gamepass Ultimate Available On Microsoft Rewards! from xboxone

According to an image posted on Reddit by u/timeinreddit , you need only 12,000 reward points to redeem 1-month subscription of Xbox Game pass ultimate.

However, it appears that the number of points required to redeem the game pass ultimate has been increased. According to u/Keeler, points required for one month Xbox Gold subscription were previously 6,800, and they are now 8,500 points. Similarly, for 3 months previous requirement was 15,000, which is now 20,000 points.

It also appears that the option to redeem 12-month subscription has now disappeared.

Same goes with Game Pass in which 3 months subscription was available for 6,800 points which are now 8,500 points while 3 months is now 24,000 points which were 17,000 points.

It looks like 12,000 is sort of promotional price for the one-month subscription of both box Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in one place.

Xbox game pass ultimate normally costs $14.99, but it is currently on sale for just $1. 

If you haven’t a subscription of Microsoft game pass, then it is an excellent opportunity to grab it only in $1

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