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Xbox teases new console, Xbox two will be revealed very soon

A lot of speculations are whirling around PlayStation and Xbox’s next-gen console. Xbox’s new console is rumored to be known as Xbox Two with the codename “Anaconda” while PlayStation is working on PS5. Both developing firms have kept their console’s release date anonymous. Now, it looks like Microsoft have kicked off teasing its new Xbox console.

New Xbox console

xbox two

Recently, Xbox took to Twitter and twitted “Xbox” to tease the next-gen Xbox console. This tweet has already made fans mad about the new Xbox console release.

Now, it will be interesting to see PlayStation’s reaction on this tease. Will they make any move to tease PS5 to keep their rivals in a tough spot?. It will be revealed very soon as leaks around PS5 are also storming the community.

However, E3 is due for next month, and it is likely that Microsoft will announce its next Xbox console there.

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