Microsoft Working on an XCloud based new Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft is reportedly working on not one, but at least two versions of next gen Xbox. The new Xbox Scarlett will have a much more powerful hardware as compared to the current Xbox One X. Most importantly, another version of Xbox Scarlett will have only Xbox game stream using XCloud. The consoles will reportedly release by 2020.


Xbox has been Microsoft’s lineup of consoles. It brought in many innovations and gave a tough competition to Sony’s PlayStation lineup. The super famous Halo series is an Xbox exclusive, drawing in lots of players to the console. While until recently, consoles have been moderately specced gaming machines, Microsoft took it a step ahead with the release of Xbox One X in USA. Most consoles are generally unable to match the graphical and performance supremacy of PCs. But the Xbox One X proved the notion wrong by being able to output 4K resolution at a stable 60 fps, a feat most PCs even double the price of the console cannot achieve.

new xbox scarlett xcloud next gen xbox

Still, the performance comes at a loss of some visual quality. Microsoft promised us that the next gen Xbox will support native 4K at 60 Hz (or even higher according to some reports). Microsoft will seriously boost up the power of the next gen Xbox.


While the news of an extremely powerful console is exciting to hear, we are more interested about the other version. Microsoft plans to release a console dedicated to game streaming. The console will not process the game graphics on the device itself, but would rather use XCloud servers by Microsoft. To reduce latency, some part of the processing such as input processing, collision detection and image processing, the console will do on board. The cloud will still do most of the heavy lifting.

new xbox scarlett xcloud next gen xbox

A new era of gaming is approaching. Many people these days have fast and reliable internet. Instead of buying expensive PCs that get outdated at the wink of an eye, companies like Nvidia and Microsoft have proposed solutions to offload processing load directly to the cloud. Only thing a person requires a good internet connection and a basic PC (or the new Xbox). It is still a long time for it to take over competitive gaming. Casual gaming, on the other hand, is easily accessible right now. The Xbox Scarlett project is quite ambitious and rightfully so. Let’s see what Microsoft finally makes of it.

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