Friday, December 3, 2021
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Xiaomi and Huawei also working towards Foldable smartphone

Chinese and Korean smartphone manufacturers are up against each other in the battle of making folding smartphone. Earlier, Samsung was the only one who was working towards a foldable smartphone for consumer use. But now the Chinese smartphone giants have picked their speed and according to reports Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei are also working to manufacture foldable smartphones.

Previously, Oppo was falling behind in the innovation department but now it is coming with innovative waterdrop notch design, the company has shown that they can deliver the innovative products.

According to the sources, these companies are working with local and foreign manufacturers for materials related to foldable products. All these companies are looking to launch this in the next year.

All these companies are working toward a foldable smartphone, but they have a slight difference in their design. Samsung and Huawei are working towards the inward foldable screen while the Xiaomi is working on the display which can be folded outwards.

Foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphone

For the current year, all the smartphone manufacturer have their focus on increasing the screen to body ratio with the help of notch design and hiding the sensors underneath the display area. But the next year seems like the companies will be focusing on 5G and foldable smartphones.

A lot of patents are currently being filed from all the major phone manufacturers, and if patents should be believed as the course of the company next step, Motorola and LG have also filed the patent for folding smartphone technology.

As these phones will be equipped with this nascent technology, we should expect the prices of the phone much higher than the usual flagship devices. It will be interesting to see, how much longer it will take for the first foldable smartphone to become a reality, such that it can be used as a generic smartphone.


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