Xiaomi MI 8 is world first smartphone to come with Dual GPS Module

You guys, like us, have certainly been in a situation where your GPS navigation in your device has fooled you. That’s a common issue with these general smartphones these days since almost every phone has 5 meters accuracy on their navigation via GPS. The all-new Xiaomi MI 8 launching today (31 May 2018) is going to be the first smartphone in the world to come equipped with double frequency GPS.  This double GPS module equipped with MI 8 is expected to have 30 centimetres accuracy, as opposed to normal smartphones with 5 meters accuracy (being 16 times more accurate than other devices).

Xiaomi MI 8 Dual GPS Module

Xiaomi MI 8

This GPS opted by Xiaomi on its new device is the dual-frequency GPS announced by Broadcom in September last year (dubbed as BCM47755). Two new teasers have been posted by Xiaomi on YouTube boasting about their GPS prowess. Xiaomi is leaving not a single thing for publicizing its upcoming flagship, be it by leaks (Mainly from slash leaks) or by teasers. These two teasers mainly go through 2 issues faced by users on GPS Navigation, getting lost in directions and getting lost in translation.

Xiaomi surely is going to give tough competition to the budget-oriented flagship One Plus 6, with its unique features. This phone is unique in many features like 3d facial recognition, Dual GPS Module, In-screen fingerprint sensor etc. is sure to drive mobile phone industry towards a more user-friendly side.

Though there is no clue as to when this device will set foot in India, do let us know your thoughts about MI 8.

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