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XIaomi Mijia Quartz Watch launched in China, costs $52

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz watch was launched today. The Xiaomi quartz watch is the latest entry in the Mijia Ecosystem. The new Xiaomi watch has a few smart features such as step count, calories burnt measurement and auto time adjustment.

The new Xiaomi Watch is a simple quartz Analog Watch at its core. It has a separate dial within the main dial to display various smart details. The watch pairs with your phone using low powered Bluetooth 4.2 and auto-adjusts its time. It also uses the connection to sync with an app. The app lets you set alarms on the watch. The alarms are non-obtrusive vibrations so the watch doesn’t disturb anyone else. There is also a VIP call reminder that vibrates the watch when you receive a call. The new Xiaomi watch may not be a proper smartwatch, but it does a lot of the job.

xiaomi mijia quartz watch new xiaomi watch

The Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is a member of the Mijia ecosystem Xiaomi developed recently and has put a lot of work into. Xiaomi intends to not just be a Smartphone maker. It wants to expand into the general home market and create smart home-devices. The Mijia is the perfect encapsulation of the idea. All the smart home devices launched by Xiaomi come under the Mijia branding. It has everything, from a smart rice-cooker to the recently released Mijia Quartz watch. Xiaomi wants to change the stereotype associated with the ‘Made in China’ tag by producing affordable devices with outstanding quality.

xiaomi mijia quartz watch new xiaomi watch

The Xiaomi Quartz watch is available for CNY 349 ($52). The watch looks minimalist and quite elegant. The subtle smart features make it smart while not needing frequent charges. For the price it is a great watch. The company has not clarified the availability in the international markets. We hope it launches internationally soon so that we can get our hands on it. As for our readers in China, we highly recommend it.


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