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Xiaomi ShareSave let people buy Chinese tech products

Xiaomi is a popular name in the world of smartphones, especially in India, where the brand stands first in the list of biggest smartphone manufacturer. But, as some of you might know about the Xiaomi Youpin store, where, Xiaomi allows users to buy some cool crowdfunded products. The facility was available for the Chinese users only, but now the Chinese tech maker launched Xiaomi ShareSave app which allows users outside China to purchase all those cool products easily.

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Xiaomi ShareSave app works as a simple e-commerce platform from where you can buy tech products from China, there are a number of brands other than Xiaomi selling some cool and exciting tech products like CIGA watches, Soocas electronic toothbrushes, Yeelight smart bulbs, the SWDK hand vacuum cleaner, and the SWDK electric mop and a lot more.

Xiaomi ShareSave app also works as a social e-commerce platform, where users get the option to bring down the price of the products that they want to buy by availing discounts. For this, there are three options available. First is “Pair-up” – In this, you need the buy the product with a friend to avail discount for both. Second is “Drop” – In this, you need to add enough members to the group to drop the price of the product up to 100%. And at last, comes the “Kickstart” – In this, you need to contribute $0.2 to back your favorite products to get 10 times the reward.

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It is your own choice, how you want to buy the product, it’s not necessary to pair up with a friend, you can go for the simple deal, where you won’t get any discount, just pay the price and it will be shipped to your home. For now, the new Xiaomi ShareSave is available in India only, and Xiaomi is planning to launch the same for other markets too.

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