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Xiaomi smart dishwasher launched at the price of $ 394

Xiaomi has introduced a new product in its smart home lineup and it’s a dishwasher. The product has been crowdfunded under Youpin platform. The new product has been named as Yunmi Smart Dishwasher which has been manufactured by Xiaomi chain company Yunni, who has also previously launched the Yunmi smart weighing scale

The washing pump of Yunmi Smart dishwasher has been manufactured by the Italian firm Weike, which has the capacity to provide 15000pa high pressure of water flow. This high-pressure water flow will allow to clean the dishes and remove the sticky dirt and contaminates

Xiaomi Smart Dishwasher

The Yunmi Dishwasher utilizes three-dimensional spray technology. The water spray extends to complete 360-degree direction. The water reach with uniformity to all the ends of the dishwasher. The dishwasher has the ability to reach an effective washing temperature of 70 °C which helps to remove oil and sterilize the dishes. The dishwasher utilizes a PTC hot air drying system which dries off the water from the dishes.

Xiaomi Smart Dishwasher

There are different modes available for washing which includes standard, economical, fast wash mode & custom mode, In the custom mode, it can provide a quick wash within the 30 minutes of time. The capacity of the dishwasher is pretty decent as it can accommodate 8 sets of cutlery which mean a large number of wishes can be washed at the same time.

And as we have described, it is a smart dishwasher, this smart product can be controlled from a mobile app

The device has been priced at $394 for sale

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