Yakshi (a demon in disguise of a Damsel) is a short horror film directed by Vijendra Bhambhani and produced by Ruhi Sayyed under the banner of Pocket Films-Indian Short Films. Yakshi stars Ashish Mohandas, Aniruddha Chavhan, and Sandhya Sundaresan.

What is “Yakshi” about?

Yakshi ( a demon in disguise of a Damsel) is a film about a guy named Rishi; a wandering photographer is stuck in a small village due to an unforeseen political protest. Waiting for a conveyance for a long time he hangs his bag on a nail at a tree, and it falls off. After some time he is offered a lift by a stranger named Devdatan who narrates the story of Yakshi, a demon in disguise of a damsel. While he is briefing the story about the Yakshi he also tells Rishi that a priest long time back captured and locked her in the same tree through a nail, on which he hanged his bag, he also tells Rishi that till the nail is there in the tree Yakshi can’t come out to harm anyone.


Rishi then to his surprise tells the guy that he took out the nail from the tree. Suddenly, they meet a mysterious lady on the route and accompanies them to Kochi which takes the plot to another level as the mystery unfolds. The lady seemed to be Yakshi as the latter was known to disguise herself in any form she wants to, she was quite, strange and the looks she was giving grabbed the sheer attention of mine to doubt her for being Yakshi, but the mystery yet awaits to be unfolded. At a distance, Devdatan stops his car as he has to go for some urgent work and by the time he asks Rishi to carry on with his photography near the waterfall, suddenly Devdatan’s phone beeps and he was shown in fear as he looks at his phone and his fear transforms into dread when the lady comes rushing and tells him that there are some people out there who are looking for him as there’s been a dead body around. Both dreads when Devdatan shows her the image which he received on his phone about the deceased person. He was Rishi though standing in front of them but dead.

A Good One!

Unlike other horror films, this film (Yakshi) was terrific as it was untangled, short and full of folded mysteries throughout. Though the storyline was an old-school pattern the way it is portrayed makes it interesting. No cliches, no monotony just simply short, quick and pleasant.