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YOU Trailer Review, Upcoming Psychological Series By Netflix

You is an upcoming psychological series on its way to be streamed on Netflix, one of the streaming giants. Netflix has served out a trailer for its upcoming psychological thriller series; “YOU”the Netflix original seems to promise a gripping story of a guy, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) who is a brilliant manager at a bookstore, comes across an eager writer named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). The voice-over as a narrative behind the video makes it pretty clear that it’s all about Love and whatever it demands to be proved. “YOU” is an upcoming series and is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.


“You” is all about obsession one has when in love and the person can reach up to any extent to prove his love and assure their partners that they will stand by them no matter what giving them the kind of life they dream of. Unaware of the outcomes of their deeds they just focus on keeping their partners happy clearing off any hindrance that blocks their way. It has also given an inkling of how a blind trust on social media and keeping your personal details public can lead to a misunderstanding that you are willing to be heard and seen. Not everybody is bad in the world but not everybody is good too. 

According to the streaming site, YOU follows “the riveting and hypnotic story of Joe Goldberg, an obsessive yet brilliant New Yorker, who exploits today’s technology to win the heart of Beck amid the growing suspicions of her best friend Peach. “Joe transforms himself from stalker to boyfriend while doing whatever it takes to eliminate all obstacles standing in his way — even if it means murder. Set in today’s 24/7 hyper-connected world, YOU explores how vulnerable we all are to stalking and manipulation online and in real life.”

“YOU” is set to premiere on September 9th, 2018. 


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