Youtube Copyright Match tool to help creators to protect their content

Youtube is the best and popular platform to share videos with more than 1.57 billion monthly active users and 30 million daily active users. All of this started back in 2005, Youtube was founded by the former PayPal employees. Since then a lot of development has been done to the platform and its features. Content creators are able to develop a strong relationship with the community within the Youtube applications. Other than videos, text post, stories can be posted on the platform. Continuing the development of the platform, Google-owned Youtube to introduce a new tool for its content creators who face the problem of unauthorized content copying and the re-uploads, the new feature is the Youtube Copyright Match tool, with which creators can request to remove copied content.


Youtube will start rolling the new Copyright Match tool for creators having more than 100k subscribers. Content creators, with this new tool, will be able to search for the videos having the traces of their own content. In the new Youtube Copyright Match tool, YouTube will run a scan, after a new video is uploaded, to search if there is any other video that has the traces of the previously uploaded video, not only the re-upload, it can detect even a small portion of the uploaded video. and if there is any video having traces, the creator can request Youtube to delete the video, if he wants.

Youtube Copyright Match tool
Youtube Copyright Match tool


Youtube will notify the original creators about copied content, which the creator can find in the “Matches” tab on the dashboard. If the copied content is found the original uploader would get the options, with which the creator can either contact the other creator who copied it or request YouTube to remove the copied content.


According to the company, this new Copyright Match feature is being tested for a year with the help of creators to make the tool effective and safe for the whole community. Company also added in the official blog post that this is the powerful feature, and its usage will be monitored closely and over the coming months, the new Youtube Copyright Match tool will be available for every content creator, which is now will rollout only for creators having more than 100k subscribers on their Youtube channel under the “YouTube Partner Programme” which lets creators to monetise their content on YouTube, even they have more than 1000 subscribers, but also with 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months


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