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YouTube Incognito mode enabled on Mobile App, Watch and Browse videos in Private

In a move to bolster privacy of searches, Google has enabled the YouTube Incognito mode on the YouTube app across the Android platforms. The option allows you to browse and watch videos without worrying about the history being recorded. It helps in feeling safe about watching those videos you might not want Google to know about. YouTube private browsing is a great step towards increasing YouTube privacy.

Why YouTube Incognito?

youtube incognito mode

The move comes sometime after we heard Google planning an incognito mode on YouTube and YouTube Music app. The feature works just like the incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser. When activated, the app will let you browse only the Home and Trending sections. You can search for any video you want to watch and the app won’t save any history of the video. As soon as the playback ends or you switch to any other video, the YouTube incognito wipes the cache out.

The Catch

There are a few restrictions. There is the obvious one. The incognito mode cannot guarantee complete privacy as your ISP and organization can still record what you are browsing. Apart from that, you cannot browse the Subscription tab, your Library tab or the inbox tab while incognito. And if you want to add a video to your library, you can’t do that while in the YouTube incognito mode. For videos that have mature content and require a sign-in to confirm age, you can’t view them. While this all sounds pretty obtrusive, YouTube privacy has a simple solution.

The Solution

youtube incognito mode

Every restricted tab has an inbuilt option to switch to non-incognito mode. As soon as you switch the YouTube private browsing off, it automatically signs in with the last account. In case you want to add a video to your library, you can do so by clicking add to button and a pop shows up asking if you want to turn the incognito mode off. Select it, and you can add the video. Same goes for age restricted videos.

Our Take

The YouTube incognito mode is a great feature. Frankly, we are disappointed it took so long to implement it. All the privacy concerns aside, the features serves another purpose. Many a times it happens you check out a random video due to some necessity but similar videos start showing up on your homepage. It takes a long time and some good watches to create a great homepage recommendation list, and a video or two can easily destroy it. With the incognito mode, if your are sure that you don’t want to watch similar videos again, you can turn on the incognito mode. The interface is quite intuitive and its easy to turn on and off. Just tap on your own icon and select incognito mode. We are very appreciative of the YouTube private browsing.


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