Zero Kms series is a12 webisode series streaming on ZEE5 which is a thrilling crime drama based on human flesh trafficking. The series is directed by G****U famed director (Q) Qaushik Mukherjee starring Naseeruddin Shah and Tanmay Dhanania in the lead role along with Satyadeep Mishra, Mukul Chaddha, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya and Rupali Bhosale. The series is all bout brotherhood, human flesh trafficking, cold blooded murder, betrayal, sufferings and revenge with a captivating story line.

An Outline To Zero Kms Series.

Zero Kms commence portraying combat training in the prison from his guru Naseeruddin Shah who seemed  a tough teacher and during the sweat-dripping training he tells Arjun, ‘No rest, no tiredness, the pain is your friend’. Which shows that he is training him to bear the pain to gain something. Arjun is a brother of a cop and was imprisoned for a decade accused for the crime he didn’t commit and now comes back to the routine life and comes to know that his brother has become an alcoholic and someone very close to him has duped him which has lead him to depression and fear.

Before Arjun could figure out the matter his brother gets assassinated by someone and Arjun becomes the prime suspect. He heads for the search of all the clues his brother left and folds his sleeves to settle the scores of the old battles with the help of his brother, ex-girlfriend, Guru’s daughter (Tommy) Tara D’Souza and to now about the murder he was accused for. Alon with all this when Arjun finds his family going missing one after another and murdered he jumps in to uproot the crime and the minds behind the dark crime of human flesh trafficking. Zero Kms is all about Arjun’s hunt to take the curtains off from the hidden reality of the workings of the system and get justice.

Some Peaks and Valleys for Zero Kms Series.

Zero Kms series

Zero Kms has touched a dark topic from the list of crimes i.e. human trafficking which handful has touched yet and that too with this depth. It’s a good thriller with sound character management and well penned plot, favorable content and ensembles a talented cast which gave the best their talents. Zero Kms is not for chicken-heartens because of some cold-blooded and inhumane scenes. The series was little interest lacking and time sapping as it seemed to drag at times biding by the bush by adding useless and repeated flashbacks and some distracting voice overs. Expecting transparency from second season.