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‘Zero KMS’ Trailer, A Grippy Suspense Thriller Starring Naseeruddin Shah

Suddenly web has become a hot platform for Bollywood industry as all the big names are flocking towards it one by one. First superstar R.Madhavan left us breathless with his Amazon Prime Video series Breathe. We also have Chote Nawab urf Saif Ali Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Sacred Games lined up for July release. Now, out of nowhere versatile actor Naseeruddin Shah is making his debut on the web platform with his thriller series titled Zero KMS on the Zee5 platform. The series is directed by director Qaushik Mukherjee known for his prior work like G**NDU and Bhraman Naman. The 12 episode Zee5 series stars Styadeep Mishra, Tanmay Dhanania, Rupali Bhosle and Vaibhavi Upadhyay in the significant roles. The Zero KMS trailer was released today and it gave a glimpse into an action-packed suspense thriller.

Zero KMS Trailer

The story of the series revolves around the character of Arjun who has been imprisoned for ten years for the crimes he didn’t commit, during his term he meets Naseeruddin Shah who trains him so that when he gets out of the jail, can take his revenge. The central plot of Zero KMS revolves around the human trafficking and drug mafia. The series focuses on how the life of Arjun and his family get entangled in these circumstances. It is set in the backdrop of Goa making it an exciting watch. It also introduces a mysterious character named Diego who is never shown and tries to establish few connections to the game of football.

The Zero Kms trailer is undoubtedly grippy and gives you little details about the plot of the series. However, the editing of the trailer is slightly choppy and looks raw which can dampen the interest of many viewers. A little more effort in portraying the story along with maintaining the suspense could have made the Zero Kms trailer more intriguing. An actor like Naseeruddin Shah lends gravitas to this upcoming series and makes it a must watch to uncover the hidden mysteries behind it.

A suspense thriller with some sensuous scenes in the party city of India, Goa make it a series to look out for. Zero KMS arrives on Zee5 on May 30th.

zero kms trailer

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