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Xiaomi’s partner ZMI launched a wireless charger: Supports iPhoneX also

The Chinese battery manufacturer, ZMI, launched a wireless charger for only $20 (~ ₹ 1280) and officially launching the crowdfunding on Jingdong website. The Chinese start-up is well known for the manufacturing of portable batteries, and also officially fabricates batteries for Xiaomi.

ZMI wireless charger

Talking about the wireless charger, the design of the new ZMI device is sleek, the design is compact. The aluminium build quality makes it lighter in weight and the 2.5D glass panel on the top makes it premium. And device is able to detect the charging device at the distance of 4mm. So, you can easily charger your device without putting off the phone’s back cover.

The ZMI wireless charger supports a bunch of nowadays flagship phone. It supports the latest flagship of Apple, iPhoneX and Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S8/S8+. But the list comprises of many more, it supports iPhone8, iPhone8+, Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and not only latest flagship, but also Galaxy S6, S7, Note 5. Lenovo’s flagship phone Moto Z and Yota Phone 2 are also in the list. Nokia’s Lumia series and Nexus smartphones , which supports wireless charging ( Lumia 830, 920, 930, 1020, 1520) (Nexus 4,5 & 6) are also included.

The features that attracts the attention is ZMI wireless charger’s automated protection system. The device gets automatically turned off when any nearby metal objects like keys, needles are scanned.

The price of the ZMI wireless charger is $20, which is value for money, for the quick charging, and automated protection system.

Jingdong website

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